best seats in the house (or airplane)

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I’ve just fallen in love with Tripadvisor’s !  The purpose of this website is to sell you a flight, but if you have already booked your flight, it is a very valuable resource for finding out which are the best seats on the plane.  Using colour coding and information boxes, it shows you which seats are duds (no window, little leg room, no recline) and which seats are winners (extra legroom, more privacy).  For example, I just discovered that on a flight I have booked for my family to Fiji on Pacific Air, there is a mini economy cabin within the plane that only has 40 seats in it.  I have switched my family into these seats since it is a night flight and I would like the quiet, and I also like being near the lavatories (one of my children is a bit of a bathroom tourist).  Try it !  I think you will love it too !

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