don’t leave home without your membership cards

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Have you ever purchased a family membership at a science center or museum?  Every time I do, I am sold on the value outlined in the trifold pamphlet which usually includes a section on reciprocal membership agreements around the world. After that, I promptly forget everything that was included in it and toss it in the recycling.   I was reminded of this on a weekend away in Seattle when, as I was about to pay $44 for our family of four to be admitted to Pacific Science Center, the kind ticket attendant asked me if I had a membership at another affiliate center (which I did).  He really took pity on me after I had spread the contents of my wallet all over his counter (yet to product the card) and let us in without it.  The point is, take your family membership cards with you on vacation because you never know when you might be able save a little cash.  I promptly took that $44 and spent it on some gorgeous french knick knacks at the beautiful Seattle housewares store Watson Kennedy, which really made for a great day.
A complete list of all science centers and museums participating in the reciprocal program are found on the Association of Science and Technology Centers website.

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