safety tattoos for kids

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Temporary Safety Tattoo for KidsHave you ever been in a busy airport, mall, or otherwise congested place (like you lucky folks who live in Manhattan), and wondered what you would do if your toddler wandered away from you? Obviously the person who came up with this one must have experienced such a situation. Introducing the Safety Tattoo ! Apply the tattoo to your child’s arm and presto, an easy way for someone to reach you should your child take a little wander.  As I recently lost my 6 year old in a hotel when the elevator door closed on him, only to find him 15 minutes later wandering around with a nice family in search of me, I can truly appreciate this item.

Mommy I'm Here Child LocatorAlso of interest (especially to people going to Disneyland and Disney World according to the reviews) is the Mommy I’m Here Child Locator  !  The teddy bear attaches to your child and you keep the receiver.  Should your child take a stroll away from you, activate the controller and listen for the beeping teddy.

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