things to love – the iStand and the belkin splitter

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I have finally found what I having been looking for. To make flying with my kids easier, several years ago I purchased an iPod touch.  The challenge I had with it, however, was that often my little ones wanted to watch a movie and would tire of holding the device in their hands. My first solution was to use a business card holder (not bad, but it would slide around on the airplane tray table).  My second idea was to use Silly Putty and mold it into the shape I needed to hold the Touch (also just worked okay).  At last I have found what I am looking for in a nice little interior design and lifestyle store in Portland (Canoe).

Introducing the iStand !

iStand stand for iPod and iTouch

It suctions to the back of your iPhone, iPod or Touch and rests on a rubber ball (which does not slide around).  Simply a brilliant invention.

The other necessity, if you have more than one child sharing a device, is the Belkin Splitter which allows you to attach up to six pairs of headphones to the same device (although I’m hoping that if you have six kids you could maybe spring for a second device).

Belkin Splitter for sharing iPod, iTouch or iPad

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