Introducing Twist Magazine – A Spin on Family Travel

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Introducing Twist – A Digital Travel Magazine

Twist Travel Magazine


Twist – A Spin on Family Travel

I am bubbling over with excitement because today I get to introduce the digital magazine Twist – A Spin on Family Travel. What is Twist? Well, please let me explain. The family travel community is a large one, full of writers who focus on many different aspects of traveling with kids. Some focus on theme parks, while others would prefer to write about hiking in the Andes with kids. At Pint Size Pilot, I tend to gravitate towards the latter. With that in mind, I was delighted to be invited to contribute to Twist, a new digital magazine focusing on unique family travel experiences around the globe. The collaborators include many of the fabulous people I look to for a dose of family travel inspiration, including the two talented creators of the magazine, Andrea Fellman ( and Keryn Means ( At a glance, here are some highlights from the newly released spring issue.

  • Japanese Spa Day – Enjoy spa treatments to sumo wrestling at this unique retreat in Sweden.
  • She Gets Around – Exploring the Wild West in a VW camper with DeNai Jones, co-founder of Petunia Pickle Bottom.
  • Spotlight on Mexico – Get inspired to head south of the border with fab fashion, Mexico City must-see museums, and more.
  • Paradise on St. Barths – Brush up on your french with a visit to this very special Caribbean island paradise.
  • The River of No Return – A whitewater river rafting adventure on Idaho’s Salmon River.

There is so much more though, so please  jump in and take a look ! (Click on the “Full Screen” icon in the bottom right corner. It makes it so much better!)


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Twist Family Magazine


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