20 Unique Travel Gifts

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20 Unique Travel Gifts

Are you looking for interesting travel gifts? Check out our favorite travel gifts for men and women in this handy guide featuring the latest and greatest travel products on the market.


20 Unique Travel Gifts for Men and Women

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1. AirPods Pro – Noise Cancelling

Just in time for the holiday season, Apple has release the new AirPods Pro. The two major improvements over traditional AirPods are the noise cancellation feature and the customizable fit. Check them out in this video. Available from $249.99 USD on Amazon.com (as of Oct.30th, 2019.

AirPods Pro
Image Credit: Amazon.com



2. Wonderboom 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Keep those tunes going by the beach and in the pool with the Wonderboom 2 waterproof bluetooth speaker. It has 360 degree sound, an outdoor volume booster, a 13 hour battery and it floats! Available from $79.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Wonderboom 2 Speaker
Image Credit: Amazon.com



3. Herschel Packables

No need to enlist help to get your suitcase closed at the end of a trip. Check out these lightweight and durable ripstop bags from Hershel Supply Co. They take up almost no space in your luggage and are perfect in a pinch. Even better, there is a color (or color combo) for every personality! Herschel Packables are available as a backpack or a duffle and are very well priced at only $30 USD. Get free standard shipping on orders over $35.00.


Herschel Packable Backpack
Image Credit: Herschel Supply Co.



4. Books That Inspire Travel

Atlas Obscura (2nd Edition) – Discover hidden wonders in the latest edition of An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders. 100 new places, 12 new city guides, and a fold-out map of a dream around-the-world journey. From $29.99 USD on Amazon.com. (Atlas Obscura has a really great guide for kids too for $14.99 USD on Amazon.com).

The Ultimate Ski Book –  In this book, skiing expert Gabriella Le Breton assembles everything passionate skiers want to know, and a lot more – the most beautiful views, the most remote resorts, and the best restaurants. From $65 USD on Amazon.com.

Living in Mexico – Barbara and René Stoeltie, the dynamic writer and photographer duo, have struck gold again—this time with a truly breathtaking look at Mexico’s most remarkable abodes. This diverse selection of villas, casitas, haciendas, cabanas, and palapas paints a lively and colorful picture of Mexican style. From $19.99 USD on Amazon.com.


Travel Coffee Table Books
Image Credit: Amazon.com




5. Travel Laundry Bag

Keep all your travel laundry in one place. This clever bag has a drawstring closure and starts out small for easy packing  (unzipping when needed). From $9.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Travel Laundry Bag
Image Credit: Amazon.com



6. Vintage Travel Posters

Brighten up a room with colorful and fun vintage travel posters. These are available with or without a frames in a variety of prints on Etsy.com.

Vintage Travel Posters
Image Credit: Etsy.com



7. Mountain Whiskey Glasses

Perfect for the outdoorsman, these whiskey glasses have a mountain imprinted design on the bottom, creating a classic look with a modern touch. Set of 4 from $24.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Mountain Whiskey Glasses
Image Credit: Amazon.com



8. GoToob Minis

We’ve all seen these before of course, but have you seen the minis? For those of you who have ever tried to stuff more than 3 x 100ml (3oz) bottles into a 1 quart clear plastic bag for security screening, you will know why this matters. From $14.99 USD on Amazon.com.

GoToob Minis
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



9. Kindle Oasis 3 E-Reader

Released in 2019, the latest Kindle Oasis 3 is the thinnest and lightest yet, with an all-new ergonomic design. It includes a 7″ screen, the longest Kindle battery life yet, and a leather charging cover (that can boost the battery life to months). From $249.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Kindle Oasis 3
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



10. Pinnable World Map

Get a daily dose of travel inspiration with this wall sized canvas and wood framed world map for the home or office. From $52 USD on Etsy.com. Comes in both black and white or color, and in various sizes.

World Wall Map
Image Credit: Etsy.com.



11. Airplane Footrest

While it looks a little strange, this footrest, that hangs from the tray table while make that economy class red-eye way more comfortable.  The foot hammock gently sways with the motion of the plane and helps to prevent lower back pain, stiffness and leg swelling suffered during long flights. From $9.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Airplane Footrest
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



12. Travel Gift Cards

Want someone to have a special splurge. How about a gift card from Fairmont Hotels, The Four Seasons, Rosewood or Kimpton? Check for deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday as sometimes hotel brands offer bonus dollar deals.



13. Travel Cord Organizer

Ever found yourself shoving a bunch of cables into a Ziploc bag before heading on a long flight? Get organized with this hard shell cord case. From $16.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Travel Cord Case
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



14. Trtl Travel Pillow

The Trtl travel pillow provides just the right neck support for an overnight flight allowing you to arrive feeling refreshed rather than bleary-eyed. Sure…it looks a little odd, but it does the trick! From $29.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Trtl Travel Pillow
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



15. Bestek International Travel Charger

Why do you need this? While many modern hotel rooms have docking stations for your devices, older hotels, or your charming Airbnb property may not. The Bestek charger is a wonderful place to plug everything in. From $39.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Bestek Travel Charger
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



16. Pinnable Mini Cork Globe

Get a visual of where you’ve been and where you long to go! The pinnable mini cork globe provides a little more flexibility over those single use scratch maps (reuse!). From $39.99 USD on Amazon.com.

Mini Cork Globe
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



17. TSA Approved Toiletry Bags

No more Ziploc bags! These reusable TSA compliant toiletry bags strictly follow the 3-1-1 liquid regulations for all airlines, making it quick to pass through airport security. A perfect travel accessories for women and men. From $11.99 USD on Amazon.com.

TSA Approved Toiletry Bag
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



18. New and Improved Packing Cubes

How do you improve on the traditional packing cube? Well, with a packing cube that can be compressed to save space in your luggage when needed! From $25.99 USD (set) on Amazon.com.

Compression Packing Cubes
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



19. The iPhone Jack Adapter (3 in 1)

Sharing is caring. This little splitter not only allows you to plug in two sets of headphones (with 3.5mm jacks), but it also allows for charging at the same time (a huge frustration for iPhone users). This adapter come with various port configurations options to suit different needs. From $14.99 USD on Amazon.com.


iPhone Splitter
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



20. Plane Amenity Kit

Enjoy the convenience of an all in one plane amenity kit. These sets from Herschel Supply Co. include a flight pillow, slippers, eye mask, and earplugs. They also come in several different color combination. From $30 USD on Herschel.ca.

Airplane Amenity Kit
Image Credit: Amazon.com.



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