vancouver’s newest kids playground – the village on false creek

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Bird sculpture at The Village on False Creek Vancouver

In 2010 this gorgeous piece of Vancouver waterfront with it’s many new condos was home to 3000 athletes during the Winter Olympics. Shortly after, however, it became a bit of a ghost town due to numerous recession related real estate problems. Well I am happy to report that the Village on False Creek is finally starting to look like a community….and a very nicely designed one at that. As I am always on the lookout for noteworthy things to do with kids in Vancouver, this is a welcome addition.

Especially refreshing is Hinge Park, with it’s playground that includes a rainwater wetland with slowly naturalizing native plants, climbing structure, story circle,  big rusty bridge constructed from sewer pipe and a water pump with metal runnels at the top of a small hill (this seems to be a big favorite with the kids).  I’m not sure if the birds and bees were initially trucked in, but they sure seem to be happy here now…along with Castor the resident beaver.  The whole area including the new section of boardwalk with water, city and mountain views, appears to have been designed with little people in mind.  Every sculpture, rock, and random pile of lumber just begs to have someone climb, sit, slide, twirl or rest upon it.

In my humble opinion, no park is truly great unless there is a reputable cafe and bakery nearby.  That you will find in Terra Breads, one block east of the park.  The park is located at 215 West 1st Ave and is conveniently close to the newly renovated and very highly rated Telus World of Science.  Just an Aqua Bus ride away is the much hyped  Granville Island Public Market. You can enjoy a full day of activities with your family right from here.

Terra Breads at the Village on False Creek

Hinge Park for Kids The Village on False Creek

Hinge Park with Children The Village on False Creek

Bird House at Hinge Park in The Village on False Creek

Bridge at the village on false creek vancouver

Dragon Boats on False Creek Vancouver

Chairs Looking out onto False Creek Vancouver

Bird Sculptures at The Village on False Creek Vancouver

Telus World of Science Vancouver

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