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This website is for those parents out there who feel that their days of traveling to far off exotic places should not end simply because they now have a mini me in tow. I call out to this nomadic tribe who do not subscribe to the idea that the next ten years of travel should involve only theme parks and diners . My family is living proof that it doesn’t have to be that way.

After 10 years in fashion apparel, I chose to leave the industry just before having my second baby. I’ll admit that I was spoiled by a career that had allowed for travel to many interesting places and I was not prepared to give it all up. It was great timing since according to the news, namely US and People magazines, babies had never been hotter. There had been a surge in travel websites, boutique hotels and hip restaurants seeking to cater to a generation of travelers and their offspring who wanted to have their cake and eat it too. The availability of these resources, however, did not make the prospect of traveling with a baby less daunting.

After logging 70 flights over 8 years with two little ones, I found that there were so many small things a parent could do to make travel easier. The word needed to be shared. I have seen a mother collapse in a fit of tears, another stop speaking to her husband half way through the flight and threaten divorce by the end, a parent suggest that they would like to “punch their neighbor in the chops” before the flight left the ground, and another who just self medicated with lots of wine. While I have nothing against wine, as for the other scenarios, well, in most cases they can be avoided. It is my goal to provide you with the resources in the form of advice, helpful links, and products that allow you to have it all, without having a nervous breakdown.

Pint Size Pilot


To contact me, please email: tara@pintsizepilot.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Additional Contributors

Mother of three, program manager at a world renowned university and passionate traveler for work and play, Sarah ter Keurs encompasses the pint size pilot ideology that having kids shouldn’t leave you homebound. This incredible mother embraces challenges and opportunities whether it’s teaching three under 5 years to ski , or flying internationally to whispers of “No, really, I”m pretty sure that woman is actually flying on her own with three kids”  Sarah has been a huge contributor to this site with her fantastic suggestions and many hours spent proofreading our content.  You will see her tried and true product suggestions in our online store denoted with the caption “psp reviewer favorite”.