Family Ski Resorts in Utah

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Best Family Ski Resorts Utah

Discovering the Best Skiing in Utah for Families

Why Utah? The question kept popping up as we explained to friends that rather than go south for some sun during our seemingly endless Canadian winter, we were packing our bags and heading south-east, from Vancouver to Salt Lake City. Quite simply, the answer was, for the legendary powder. We had just finished a ski adventure spanning several seasons that had taken us along British Columbia’s Powder Highway, and now it was time to go see what the Utah hubbub was all about.

Did you know that Utah has 10 ski resorts within a one hour drive of Salt Lake City? We knew that on an inaugural Utah ski trip we couldn’t experience all of them, but for our Salt Lake sampler, we set our sites on four family-friendly resorts. We chose Solitude for its quiet local mountain feel, Alta for its retro ski mountain charm and skier purist mentality (no snowboards allowed), Park City for its cool little mountain town and Deer Valley for a luxury ski day at its finest (they have a Veuve yurt).

Now, I don’t want any spoilers here, but my goodness did the powder ever live up to its reputation. In fact, in the 3 days before we flew in to Salt Lake City, 43″ of that white fluffy stuff graced the slopes of Alta and Solitude. So much so, that we actually had some challenges getting to those mountains. Like all determined powder hounds, however, we persevered, and it was epic.

Are you also curious about Utah ski resorts? In the upcoming weeks, I will be posting on each of the ski mountains we visited with our kids. As mentioned, it is only four, so if you want more information or would like to see some other option, visit the Ski Utah website.

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