20 Best Family Friendly Hotels in Paris (2024 Guide)

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Last update: January 8th, 2024 at 12:41 pm

The Best Family Friendly Hotel in Paris

Affiliate Disclosure: This Paris family friendly hotels post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. All opinions are entirely my own.

In addition to recommendations for family-friendly hotels in Paris, this post contains many tips (best place to stay in Paris for families, etc.) to help you find the perfect Parisian accommodation. I want your once-in-a-lifetime Paris family vacation to be truly exceptional, starting with a hotel (or vacation rental) that you will fall absolutely head-over-heels in love with.

Please use the following menu to find what you need quickly, or jump straight to the hotel list.

In a big rush and just need a winner? My top choice for the best Paris family hotel for several years running is:

The Novotel Paris Les Halles

There are many reasons why this property is such a Paris family hotel favourite, not in the least, its stellar location near the Louvre, the Tuileries gardens, and the major transportation hub of Châtelet – Les Halles (5 metro lines, 3 train lines).

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The Best Paris Hotels for Families

Before our first trip, I read everything I could on family hotels in Paris, France. Despite hours (days, really) of research, there were still things that I could not entirely get my head around, having never visited the city before.

For example, I simply agonized over which district to stay in (or arrondissement, as they say in France). I also spent copious amounts of time waffling between family-friendly hotels in Paris and roomier vacation rentals (that were typically more budget-friendly).

I quickly discovered that there was a real lack of Paris hotels with family rooms or suites. It seemed that many (if not most) of the hotels catered to couples. I suppose this shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, after all!

With these trip planning challenges in mind, I decided to create this guide to the best family hotels in Paris. In addition to sharing this list of the best Paris hotels for families, I have included other essential tips on finding the best family hotel in Paris for you.

Personal Note: Truth be told, there is another reason I wrote this post. From my research, while planning family trips to Paris, I have always found it super annoying that many articles on Family Hotels Paris list the same 3-4 luxury hotels. I have no doubt that these stunning hotels are wonderful with kids (Le Meurice, The Bristol, etc.) and they should be, considering they will set you back several thousand euros a night. I just have never found information like this very helpful, as much as I like to dream a little. This post intends to provide you with more practical and affordable alternatives.

Information About the Best Family Hotels in Paris

Paris City Layout

Paris is divided into numerical districts, or neighborhoods, called arrondissements. They start in the center by The Seine and curl out clockwise towards the suburbs. The lower numbers (1 to 8) are more central and closer to the major tourist sites. 

For example, The Louvre Museum and The Tuileries Gardens are in arrondissement #1, the Notre Dame Cathedral is in #4, The Latin Quarter is in #5, The Luxembourg Gardens are in #6, the Eiffel Tower is in #7, and the Arc de Triomphe is in #8.

When you get into the double-digit arrondissements, you are getting further away from the city center. This is not to say that you won’t find some fabulous and less expensive Paris family hotel options further out. You just want to keep in mind that you may have more travel time and higher transportation costs.

Tip: Paris zip codes start with the number 7. If you are looking at any Paris family hotels that start with a different number, you will be further out from the major attractions.

Where to Stay in Paris with Kids

When looking for the best family-friendly hotels in Paris, I prefer the following arrondissements.

The 1st (Louvre)

The 1st arrondissement is an excellent choice for a family in Paris. It is a great location, with the Tuileries Garden (carousel, playground, trampoline park, and summer amusement rides), the Louvre, and the Arc-de-Triomphe all nearby.

The 1st. arrondissement offers some excellent shopping opportunities along the Rue de Rivoli and at the Forum des Halles Shopping Center (LEGO store). Luxury shoppers will also love the recently renovated La Samaritaine luxury department store.

For foodies, this part of the city is home to the best Michelin Star restaurants for kids in Paris, so it’s a real win-win location.

Tuileries Garden Paris
Jardin des Tuileries (1st arr.)

The 3rd & 4th (Le Marais)

The lively Marais area has some of the best boutique shopping in Paris. It is home to the Centre Pompidou, a pleasant (car-free) area to visit with kids. The area also has a spacious square, some lovely cafés, fountains, and street entertainers.

Within Le Marais, you will also find the beautiful Place des Vosges, the first planned square in Paris – dating back to 1605. It is a fun and relaxing space, especially if you are visiting Paris with a toddler. Plan for a Paris picnic while admiring the surrounding 17th-century architecture! Notre Dame (currently under reconstruction) and the Seine are about a 15-minute walk from the central Marais area.

Place de Vosges Paris
Place des Vosges (3rd / 4th arr.)

The 6th Arr. (St.-Germain-de-Pres)

The 6th arrondissement on the Left Bank is in a prime location between the Latin Quarter and the Eiffel Tower. Not only is it home to historic cafés (Les Deux Magots, Cafe de Flore), some of Paris’s top restaurants, and Paris’s oldest department store (Le Bon Marche), it is also only a short walk to Notre Dame and The Seine.

For families with younger children, the 6th is where you will find one of the best parks in Paris – Le Jardin du Luxembourg. The park has the most wonderful children’s playground, a carousel, and the quintessential Parisian marionette theater. We enjoyed it so much on our first trip that we visited twice.

Luxembourg Gardens Paris
Luxembourg Gardens – Image Credit: Paris Info

Other Single Digit Arrondissments

Almost any central location along the Seine gives you easy access to the heart of Paris, with a variety of transportation options nearby (boat, bus, Metro, taxi stands, etc.). Sidewalks are also roomier in these areas, making getting around with a stroller easier than in some of the more tightly packed neighborhoods, where the sidewalks frequently diminish or disappear altogether.

Getting Around Paris

Regardless of which family hotel in Paris, France, you are considering, it is advantageous to have a major Metro station nearby. The Metro provides a very convenient way to get around this sprawling city. Be sure to note how far the closest station is when booking your accommodation.

Ride-sharing services and taxis can also be a great alternative, but there can be an issue for larger families. Uber-X and regular taxis will take up to 4 passengers. Uber Van will take up to 6 passengers.

Note: While walking around with kids in Paris is enjoyable, the sheer scale of the attractions can be a little deceiving. For example, even though the Tuileries Garden is right beside the Louvre, it is still about a 1.2 km (0.75-mile) walk from the museum to the fun kids’ trampolines in the park.

Paris Family Accommodation – The Need to Know

Whether you are looking for the best family hotels in Paris or you’re opting for a quaint family vacation rental, here are a few things to note.


Get your expectations in check. Paris hotel rooms and apartments are typically quite small in comparison to what you might be used to in other cities. This is especially true when compared to most major U.S. and Canadian cities.


As the rooms are small, there is often not a lot of extra space for giant suitcases. And not only are rooms typically small, but so are most building elevators and taxi trunks. If at all possible, try to manage with only a carry-on-size suitcase for each person. (I know this is hard. I could very easily fill a carry-on with shoes alone.)

Bed Size

Pay careful attention to the bed sizes when looking at a family hotel in Paris. The terminology and sizing can differ from what you might be used to. 

For example, while a European double is usually close to the same as a double in North America, a large double usually refers to a queen, and an extra large double, a king. That said, an extra large double can also be two twin beds pushed together (study the small print and those photos carefully).

The width of the bed in centimeters is also usually listed. A queen should be listed at 150cm by 160cm and a king at 190cm by 200cm.

Connecting Rooms Paris Hotels

If you are looking for Paris hotels with connecting rooms, pay careful attention. Look for language like internally connecting, inter-connecting or communicating instead of adjacent, where the rooms are unlikely to have an internally connected door.

The truth is, it can be very tricky to successfully book hotels with connecting rooms in Paris. The reason for this is that while many hotels will let your request them, very few will actually guarantee them.

Obviously, this is a huge problem for families looking for Paris hotels with adjoining rooms. Arriving at a hotel to discover that your supposedly connecting rooms are actually on two different floors is definitely not ideal (and something that has happened to our family on numerous occasions over the years).

Expedia offers a feature allowing you to book connecting rooms. After you book the rooms, Expedia reaches out to the hotel to confirm that connecting rooms are available and then confirms with you via email. Personally, I still think there is a small risk here that you could arrive at your chosen property and not have connecting rooms.

Much better is Hilton’s connecting hotel room finder. Hilton goes so far as to actually guarantee that you will have connecting rooms in Paris.

Tip: For the best rates (up to 17% off), I highly recommend you become a Hilton Honors member (free) before making a booking. 

Air Conditioning

Paris has had some incredible summer heat waves in recent years. If you are traveling from June to September, double-check to ensure your chosen family accommodation in Paris has an A/C unit.


I know that a pool is often quite an important hotel amenity when traveling with kids, but very few family hotels in Paris have them (except at the very, very high end). There is so much to do in Paris, however, that your kids might not even notice.

If a pool is an absolute must, consider making your visit a cultural experience by visiting one of the two central Paris municipal pools. Both the Piscine Joséphine Baker and Piscine Pontoise are close to the Seine, but Piscine Joséphine Baker is the one offering magical riverside sunsets.

Note: Although these are municipal pools, both require a per-person entrance fee. Go to each website before visiting for the most up-to-date prices.

Paris Family Vacation Rentals

OR – Just take me straight to the hotel list.

While this post is primarily a Family-Friendly Hotel Paris guide, vacation rental apartments offer some excellent alternatives in such an expensive city. This is especially true if you are looking for Paris hotels for families of 5 or 6, as these are pretty pricey and hard to find. Online platforms such as VRBO, Plum Guide, and Airbnb all offer hundreds of Paris family-friendly vacation rental apartments.

Personally, I like to narrow down my search by filtering the price, arrondissement, and a 9/10 or a 4★ plus guest rating. I also select the “family-friendly” filter and then fine-tune my amenities to include WiFi and air-conditioning if it is a summer stay. 

A major Metro station within easy walking distance is a huge plus. Once I’ve narrowed my search to roughly half a dozen properties, I pore over the guest reviews looking for anything that remotely sounds like a potential disappointment.

A Word of Caution

While I have only had good experiences with vacation rentals in Paris (through both VRBO and Airbnb), you should be aware that there is always some risk that a host could cancel your reservation without explanation. (Usually, the reason is they can rent the unit to someone else for more money because demand is high and rental inventory is low.)

Depending on the online booking platform, the host may be able to do so with little or no penalty (especially if it is more than 30 days out) as long as they fully refund your money. Thirty days may be ample time to find a new place in Paris in the middle of winter, but good luck finding something on such short notice in the summer. You will likely have to pay quite a bit more for something you don’t like nearly as much.

Companies such as VRBO, Plum Guide, and Airbnb are simply booking platforms for property owners/hosts with varying degrees of supporting customer service. At the end of the day – you are still at the mercy of the host.

From what I can determine, VRBO and Booking.com are the most lenient on hosts when they cancel on guests. Plum Guide is a little better in that they can choose to levy fines of up to 20% of the rental cost to the host. 

Airbnb gives guests better protection with host fines of anywhere from 10-50% of the rental cost for unexplained cancellations (to a maximum of $1000). They also list host cancellations in the guest reviews section and can block out the canceled dates on the host’s calendar so they cannot rebook them.

My VRBO Disaster Story

I warn you of this after a personal vacation disaster where a VRBO host canceled a house in Italy on us that we had rented for a once-in-a-lifetime, multigenerational family trip to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday. The host refunded our money, but due to off-the-charts demand during the first post-pandemic travel summer; we were left with very few alternatives. (To add salt to the wound, the host re-listed the property on Airbnb for more money.)

As the cancellation was outside of 30 days and we received a refund – we had no recourse. At such a late date, and with such high demand, we ended up having to pay thousands of euros more for a much lesser place. The money was one thing, the stress another, as we had booked all flights, cars, and day trips based on this particular location.

The Takeaway

To be fair, I have rented dozens of vacation rentals in my life, and this is the only time that this has happened to me – but it was a huge disappointment. What I want you to take away from this is that if Paris is your family trip of a lifetime, and you are traveling in a high-demand period (summer, Christmas, or the 2024 Olympics), please proceed carefully with vacation rentals. If you don’t want that potential stress, book a hotel instead. (I’ve yet to be canceled on by a hotel!)

Note: I’ve also included some Paris hotel family-friendly apartment-style options in the following list. These are whole apartment buildings that are run like hotels. They can be a great choice for people looking for Paris hotels for families of 4+.

The 20 Best Hotels in Paris for Families

The following Best Places to Stay in Paris with Family list is separated by hotel class, starting with 3-star properties. I hope you find the perfect fit for your Paris family vacation.

Three Star Family Hotels, Paris

I really love all of these 3-star hotels in Paris for families, even though most of them are outside of my favorite arrondissements. The reason is simply that the most popular arrondissements also have the most expensive real estate in Paris and are dominated by 4 and 5-star luxury hotels. That said, all of these are just a short trip to the main attractions of Paris.

1. Hôtel Joke by Astotel

Sleeps up to 4 – 9th arr. – 3 – Monmartre/Moulin Rouge

The Joke Hotel – Image Credit: Booking.com

This fun little hotel with a comedic theme that kids will love is just a 3-minute walk to the Moulin Rouge. It is also just 200m from the Blanche Metro Station, offering direct access to the Arc de Triomphe.

The services at this family-friendly Paris hotel include a 24-hour front desk, concierge services, and free WiFi. Rooms also feature a flat-screen TV, safe, and air-conditioning. To make things better, Joke Hotel offers a breakfast service that can be delivered to your room.

There is one specific thing that families love most about Hotel Joke, however, and that is the free snacks! A stay includes a complimentary minibar full of non-alcoholic beverages and access to afternoon and evening snacks in the lobby. As a guest, you are also welcome to stop by any of the Paris Astotel properties (there are 16) and fuel up free of charge.

For those looking for Paris hotels with family rooms, the Joke Hotel is a good option. Their family lodgings have connected rooms for four guests, with a queen bed in one bedroom and two twin beds in the other. The suite also has two bathrooms, one with a shower and the other with a tub.

Check rates for The Hotel Joke on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

2. Hôtel du Levant

Sleeps up to 5 – 5th arr. – 3 – Latin Quarter

Hôtel du Levant – Image Credit: Booking.com

This sweet family-run hotel is in the trendy yet still family-centric Latin Quarter. It is positioned very close to Notre Dame and the Seine and is only a 15-minute walk to Luxembourg Gardens (which is a must with little ones running around).

Room features include a flat-screen TV, minibar, free WiFi, and air-conditioning. Breakfast is offered every morning and can also be delivered to your room. You can also find newspapers and board games in the hotel lounge.

Room options for families include a quadruple room (one double and two single beds) and a connecting suite (two doubles and one single bed).

Check rates for The Hotel du Levant on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

3. Hotel Augustin by Astotel

Sleeps up to 4 – 8th arr. – 3 – Champs Elysées

Hotel Astotel family friendly hotel Paris
Hotel Augustin – Image Credit: Booking.com

The Augustin Hotel is in a convenient location, close to the Champs Elysées, Opera, the Saint Augustin Metro station, and the Saint Lazare train station.

Hotel features include air-conditioned and soundproofed rooms with complimentary WiFi, satellite TV, an iPod dock, and a minibar full of complimentary non-alcoholic drinks. Laundry facilities are also available on-site.

Each morning, a buffet breakfast is offered in the dining area, and complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are available in the lobby during the afternoons and evenings. Guests are also welcome to pop into any Paris Astotel property (there are 16) to enjoy this same generous service free of charge.

Check rates for the Hotel Augustin on Expedia or check reviews on Tripadvisor.

4. Hotel Ekta

Sleeps up to 4 – 8th arr. – 3 – Champs Élysées

Hotel Ekta – Image Credit: Booking.com

Hotel Ekta is conveniently located close to Champs Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe, with easy access to The Louvre via the nearby Georges V Metro station.

The property features free WiFi throughout, and morning breakfast is served in the lounge along with an on-site bar. Rooms feature city views, air-conditioning, complimentary tea and coffee, and a minibar.

Rooms for those traveling with kids include a suite with a king bed and a double bunkbed, as well as a terrace suite with a double bed and a sofa bed (both sleep up to four guests).

Check rates for Hotel Ekta on Expedia or read reviews on Tripadvisor.

5. Le Citizen Hotel Apartments

Sleeps up to 5 – 10th arr. – 3 – Canal St. Martin

Le Citizen – Image Credit: Booking.com

While Le Citizen Hotel is set back a little further from the main tourist sights of Paris, I’ve included it because Canal Saint-Martin is quite an interesting area. It is a waterway with nine locks that connects the Canal de l’Ourcq with the Seine. The hotel is also only a 10-minute walk from several Metro stations that can easily connect you and your family to the rest of the city.

The cheery rooms at this property are air-conditioned and include free WiFi, satellite TVs (with free on-demand videos), canal views, and complimentary tea and coffee. If needed, a safe and minibar can be added to a room.

Specifically for families, Le Citizen offers 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartments featuring a queen bed, a double bed, and a sofa bed (sleeps up to five guests).

Check rates for Le Citizen on Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

6. Hôtel Le Presbytère

Sleeps up to 5 – 4th arr. – 3 – Le Marais

Paris Family Suite at Le Hotel Presbytère
Image Credit: Booking.com

Hôtel Le Presbytère is set in a former presbytery within Paris’s lively Marais district. This beautiful boutique hotel is just a short walk to the Louvre, the Pompidou Center, Les Halles Shopping Centre and the Notre-Dame de Paris.

The Hotel Presbytère is conveniently located close to the Châtelet – Les Halles metro station, with access to 5 metro lines and 3 RER train lines.

A continental breakfast is served daily and can also be arranged for in-room dining. There are also dozens of restaurants and cafes within walking distance of this charming hotel.

Room features at this lovely property include free wifi, air conditioning, soundproofed walls, a minibar, a flat screen tv, and tea and coffee making facilities.

Their 2 bedroom-2 bathroom, Deluxe Junior Suites are perfect for those looking for a Paris family room for 5, offering a king bed and two sofa-beds set over 51 square meters.

Important note: This rooms at the property are spread over 5 floors and there is no elevator. (Great excerise – but not ideal for everyone.)

Check rates for Le Hotel Presbytère on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

7. Hotel La Perle

Sleeps up to 5 – 6th arr. – 3 – St. Germain des Prés

Family Hotel St. Germain Paris
Hotel La Perle – Image: Booking.com

La Perle is located in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, just a 10-minute walk from Saint Michel and Notre Dame Cathedral. It offers air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi access, a courtyard garden, and a bar.

The elegant guest rooms at La Perle feature original wooden beams and beds with goose-down bedding. Each is equipped with a satellite TV and a minibar. The rooms overlook the street or the flower-filled interior courtyard.

Hôtel La Perle is just a 2-minute walk from Saint-Germain-des-Pres Metro station, offering direct access to the Montmartre area. The Louvre Museum is a 15-minute walk from the hotel.

This lovely hotel offers a two-level, spacious “Duplex Suite” that can sleep up to four (queen bed + sofa bed). A baby cot is also available upon request.

Check rates for the Hotel La Perle on Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

Four Star Paris Family Hotels

As the stars go up, so do the prices. But that’s all worth it if you’re looking for the best Paris hotel for families close to all the main attractions but still within the peaceful streets of the surrounding suburbs.

8. Novotel Paris Les Halles

Sleeps up to 4 – 1st arr. – 4 – Close to The Louvre

Novotel Paris – Family Hotel Rooms Paris
Novotel Paris Les Halles – Image Credit: Booking.com

I see the Novotel Les Halles as the best family hotel Paris has to offer and for good reason. It is conveniently just a 10-minute walk from the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden (carousels, trampoline park, etc.). It also has a major Metro and RER station next door (Châtelet – Les Halles).

Hotel features at the Novotel include air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, a fitness center, an on-site restaurant with a garden patio, and a cocktail bar (with a kids’ playroom nearby). Breakfast is included for up to two kids under 16 years. As an added bonus, a Lego store is just a 5-minute walk away.

Family-friendly rooms at the Novotel include a double queen room and a queen plus sofa bedroom (both sleeping up to four guests).

Check rates for the family friendly Novotel Les Halles on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

8. Hotel Malte by Astotel

Sleeps up to 5 – 2nd arr. – 4 – Close to The Louvre

Paris Family Suite Hotel
Hotel Malte – Image Credit: Booking.com

The Malte by Astotel is in an convenient Paris location, just 650m from the Louvre and 450m from the nearest metro station (Pyramides).

The hotel features include an interior courtyard, a 24-hour front desk, a large breakfast room and a children’s play area.

The property’s contemporary rooms are soundproofed and include satellite TV, free Wi-Fi and a minibar with free soft drinks.

One of the things that guests love most about Astotel properties in Paris, is the free non-alcoholic beverages and snacks offered in the hotel lobby each afternoon. Even better, guests can stop by any of Astotel’s 17 hotels in Paris to enjoy this service and have a drink or snack, free of charge.

Rooms at the Hotel Malte include a 2 bedroom (1 bathroom) family room with 1 double bed and 2 single beds. The property also offers a split level apartment with a queen bed, 2 single beds and the options for an additional cot to be brought in.

Check rates for the family friendly Hotel Malte Paris on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

9. Pepper & Paper Apartment Hotel

Sleeps up to 6 – 5th arr. – 4 – Latin Quarter

Pepper and Paper – Paris Hotel for Family of 6
Pepper & Paper Apartments – Image: Booking.com

Pepper & Paper offers stylish apartments that are managed more like a hotel than rental apartments. For people looking for Paris accommodation for families larger than four, this property is an excellent and well-priced option.

Pepper & Paper offers roomy one and two-bedroom suites (sleeping four-six people) with living rooms and kitchens. Services include board game and game consoles to loan, a stocked grocery store for self-catering, 24-hour laundry facilities, baby equipment for loan, and a 24-hour reception desk. House cleaning is done weekly, but you can opt for a daily cleaning or towel change for €20 to €25 per day.

Check rates on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

10. Hotel La Tamise

Sleeps up to 4 – 1st arr. – 4 – Louvre

Hotel La Tamise- Paris Family Boutique Hotel
Hôtel La Tamise: Image: Booking.com

La Tamise is a lovely boutique hotel located in a fantastic location, with the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre just steps away. This high-end property offers a 24-hour reception desk, a restaurant, a bar, and a tea room.

The hotel features compact rooms (it is Paris, after all) that are beautifully decorated. Room features include air-conditioning, free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, bathrobes, slippers, CODAGE toiletries, and tea or coffee-making facilities.

Specifically for guests traveling with kids, La Tamise offers connecting family rooms, each with a bathroom and a queen bed (that can be switched to two twin beds). The hotel also welcomes kids with a little gift that includes a coloring book.

Check rates for Hotel La Tamise on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

11. Le Lapin Blanc

Sleeps up to 5 – 5th arr. – 4 – Latin Quarter

Le Lapin Blanc – Image Credit: Booking.com

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this lovely boutique hotel in the Latin Quarter is in an excellent location to visit the Louvre, Notre Dame, and Luxembourg Gardens. It is also possibly the best family hotel in Paris for interior design lovers – it’s just so darn pretty!

Le Lapin Blanc has a 24-hour front desk, and the whimsical guest rooms include satellite TV, free Wi-Fi access, air conditioning, a minibar, and facilities for making tea and coffee. A continental breakfast is also available.

This property has a great connecting room setup, especially if you are looking for a hotel that can sleep five in Paris. Their connecting rooms have two queen beds, a sofa bed, and a twin bed.

Note: The Le Lapin Blanc website refers to the Connecting Rooms as “adjacent” to each other. They are, but they also do have a connecting interior door.

Check rates for Le Lapin Blanc on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

12. Hotel Relais du Louvre

Sleeps up to 5 – 1st arr. – 4 – Louvre

Hotel du Louvre - Family Rooms Paris
Hotel Relais du Louvre – Image Credit: Booking.com

The 4-star Hotel Relais du Louvre is perfectly placed between the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral.

All 21 rooms feature air-conditioning, complimentary WiFi, a minibar, a safe, and a writing desk. The hotel offers a continental breakfast served in the lobby each morning.

The Relais du Louvre has several family room options. These include a Quadruple Room (four single beds) and a Connecting Suite for five (with several bed configuration options).  

Check rates for Hotel Relais du Louvre on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

13. Résidence & Spa Le Prince Régent

Sleeps up to 6 – 6th arr. – 4 – Latin Quarter/Luxembourg Gardens

Le Prince Régent – Image Credit: Booking.com

For those traveling with young children to Paris, this elegant apartment-style hotel is in the lively Latin Quarter – conveniently close to the delightful Luxembourg Gardens. Hotel features include a 24-hour front desk, daily housekeeping, continental breakfast, and a lovely spa.

The spacious apartments include air-conditioning, kitchenettes, washing machines, flat-screen TVs, and safety deposit boxes. There’s even an indoor pool for guests to use (albeit at an additional charge).

Check rates for Le Prince Régent on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

13. Hotel Daunou Opera

Sleeps up to 6 – 9th arr. – 4 – Monmartre/Moulin Rouge

Hotel Danou Opera - Connecting Family Room Paris
Hotel Daunou Connecting Room – Booking.com

The Hotel Daunou Opera is a popular choice for people looking for a large family room in Paris. This property has several options for family rooms in Paris, including connecting rooms (or “communicating rooms”) that can sleep up to 6 people.

The Daunou Opera is located closed to the Opera Garnier and is only a 200m walk to the closest metro station (which runs directly to the Louvre museum). The famous Galeries Lafayette and Printemps luxury department stores are a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Features at the hotel included free wifi, flat screened TVs, free newspapers and a daily buffet breakfast served in the dining room. This property offers luggage storage and an airport shuttle service.

Suitable rooms for families at this family friendly Paris hotel include connecting rooms that can sleep 4, 5 or 6 people (2 bathrooms, 2 queen beds and 2 single beds). They also offer a deluxe 2-bedroom suite (1 bathroom) that can sleep up to 4 people (1 queen bed, 2 twin beds).

Check rates for Hotel Daunou Opéra on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

Five Star Paris Hotels with Family Suites

Time to dig into the best of the best family rooms in Paris. Note that most of these options are in and around the famous Parisian landmarks. So you can expect busier streets but easy access to the city’s sites.

14. Hôtel Grand Powers

Sleeps up to 8 – 8th arr. – 5 – Close to The Champs Élysées

Hôtel Grand Powers – Image Credit: Booking.com

Fresh off an extensive renovation, this 100-year-old Parisian hotel has been completely transformed. Its chic and elegant rooms have been updated to include gorgeous textiles and linens, Smart TVs, Nespresso makers, and Diptyque toiletries.

Additional hotel facilities include the Café 52 restaurant and bar, as well as a fitness room and luxurious Turkish spa. The Clefs d’Or Concierge at the hotel can provide tips on the area and help arrange babysitting services if needed.

Preferred room options for families at this beautiful Paris boutique hotel include connecting rooms (that can sleep six). Possibly one of the most coveted family suites in Paris is their 2-bedroom Eiffel Tower Penthouse (sleeps eight).

Check rates for this luxury Paris family-friendly hotel on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

15. Hôtel Regina Louvre

Sleeps up to 5 – 1st arr. – 5 – Close to The Louvre

Family Hotels Paris France
Hotel Regina Louvre – Image Credit: Booking.com

If you are ready for a special splurge with the family in Paris, the elegant Hôtel Regina Louvre is quite remarkable. It is also in an excellent location, right across the street from the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden, with some of the best shopping in Paris right nearby.

This lovely property features a restaurant with both a daily continental and buffet breakfast, a lounge bar (with British tea service), a 24-hour reception and concierge, and limousine service. Guest rooms are air-conditioned and include beautiful period furniture, flat-screen TVs, coffee and tea-making facilities, free WiFi, and a safe.

Accommodation options range from their Family Room (two connecting rooms with one queen and two single beds) or their Family Suite (two connecting rooms with one large double, bunkbeds, and a single bed).

Check rates for the Hotel Regina Louvre on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

16. Le Pavillon de la Reine & Spa

Sleeps up to 5 – 3rd arr. – 5 – Le Marais (Place des Vosges)

Pavillon de la Reine - Family Hotel Paris
Pavillon de la Reine – Image Credit: Booking.com

The Pavillon de la Reine is one of the best Paris hotels for families that prefer a boutique hotel experience. It is on the beautiful Place des Vosges in Le Marais – simply a wonderful spot if you are traveling to Paris with kids.

This gorgeous 56-room property has a full-service hammam spa and fitness center, 24-hour room service, a library, a meeting room, a cocktail lounge, the Michelin Star restaurant Anne, and a beautiful courtyard.

Guest rooms are beautifully appointed and include air conditioning, turndown service, complimentary WiFi, flat-screen TVs, a minibar, and Codage toiletries. A buffet breakfast is served in the lobby, or a continental breakfast can be delivered to your room.

Room options for families include a Junior Suite (queen + sofabed), a Quadruple Room (two connecting rooms, each with a queen), and the extra-spacious Family Suite (two connecting rooms, each with a queen, plus a sofa bed). All these options make it one of the best places to stay in Paris with family for the luxury traveler.

Check rates for Pavillon de la Reine on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

17. Relais Christine

Sleeps up to 4 – 6th arr. – 5 – Saint-Germain (Luxembourg Gardens)

Relais Christine - Family Friendly Hotel in Paris
Relais Christine – Image Credit: Booking.com

This recently renovated 48-room boutique hotel (converted from a 17th-century mansion) is set on a quiet street of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It is in a great location for a family trip, only a 10-minute walk to the Louvre, The Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame, and the Luxembourg Gardens.

The property features a garden, spa, and fitness center (with a hot tub and sauna). A buffet breakfast and evening cocktails are served in the hotel lounge.

The luxurious rooms are air-conditioned, featuring a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom with bathrobes, and a hairdryer. The property has a concierge, bikes for loan, and a convertible Fiat 500S available to rent during your stay.

The Relais Christine has some wonderful one or two-story “Suite” rooms. These have a master bedroom and a lounge with a sofa bed (sleeps four guests).

Check rates for Relais Christine on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

18. Hotel Vernet

Sleeps up to 5 – 8th arr. – 5 – Champs Elysées

Hôtel Vernet – Image Credit: Booking.com

The Hotel Vernet 5-star luxury property is just a short stroll from the Champs Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe, and the George V metro station. If the family is up for it, the vibrant Trocadéro Square is only 1.5 km (0.9 miles) away and offers picturesque views of the Eiffel Tower.

The property features include private parking, a 24-hour concierge, a French bistro restaurant, and a lounge. The tastefully decorated rooms offer free WiFi, robes, slippers, a minibar, an espresso machine, flat-screen TVs, and a safe.

For families in Paris, The Vernet offers one and two-bedroom suites that can accommodate up to 5 guests.

Check rates for Le Vernet on Expedia or Booking.com. See also reviews from recent guests on Tripadvisor.

Reading Beyond the Best Hotels For Families in Paris

I hope you found everything you needed in this family-friendly Paris hotels post. Do you have a comment, question, or another hotel to recommend? If so, please reach out. I love hearing from you.

I would also love to share a few of my other guides on France in case they might be helpful to you. Wishing you simply the most wonderful family holiday!

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    My family and I will be in Paris for 4 days next month. Do you still recommend the Novotel? We are planning to see the Eiffel Tour, go to the Louvre and visit the Luxembourg gardens. We have 4 kids, ages, 14, 12, 9 and 7.

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